Week 9 // RFVA Tip: Link Your Filing System to Your Operations Manual

Seamless Productivity

Link up all your operations systems for seamless productivity.

Your business operations are the foundation of your success. If you are not already using an operations manual to record any and everything about your business (processes, tutorials, registrations, you name it), then I cannot stress the importance of starting today. Here are three things to get you going:

1. Put together an outline of how your manual will be organized.

2. Organize the file folders on your computer and in your filing cabinet according to the name headings in your outline.

3. Name your computer and physical files according to the file folders.

It will take some time to refine your manual. Set aside 15 minutes each week to work on it and you will be amazed at how quickly you can get your operations manual up and running. Once you have the outline completed, you can start plugging every new folder and file you create into it. Keeping the manual folders synced to the cloud will make sure you can access your operations manual from any computer in the world. Check back here next week for another RFVA tip!



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