Week 10 // RFVA Tip: Turn Tasks Into Routines

Routines don't have to be routine.

Routines make the world go round, especially yours!

What is the difference between a task and a routine? Well, it’s a bit like lettuce and hamburgers. By itself, that lettuce is, well, boring and uninspiring. It doesn’t accomplish much for your taste buds or your appetite. But add it in with mayo, ketchup, a scrumptious beef patty, cheese, a bun and BAM! Now, we have a delicious hamburger that satisfies and gives you a boost of energy. Sometimes, we have tasks that are like that lettuce. If we could just move on to something more fun, we would. Still, getting it done clears the way to get the next thing out of the way, creating a feel good, get-it-done momentum. Stringing a series of mundane, yet recurring and necessary tasks together into a daily or even weekly routine is something that successful business people have learned how to do well.

You can start by choosing three things that you must do all the time, like these for instance:

1. Reconciling banking transactions

2. Opening mail and scheduling bill payments

3. Filing away paperwork for completed projects

If you have an accountant and assistant who handle these things for you, great. If not, you are in the boat with thousands of other small business owners who wear many if not seemingly all the hats of their operation. Why not try to get these things out of the way together on a designated day of the week at a set time, say 10AM on Friday, just after you’ve made your first few calls but before lunch.  Then, you can spend the rest of the day closing out a successful work week and getting in gear for the usual Monday rush.  Now, you have established a winning routine that, like that hamburger, will give you an immediate sense of satisfaction and get you in gear to wipe out the next set of things you have to do.

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