Week 13 // RFVA Tip: 3 Ways to Communicate Faster

1. Clearly Identify Solutions: Sometimes, the reason why communication breaks down is because we are responding emotionally to the problem and getting frustrated. Developing solution-oriented thinking will help us avoid spiraling into a bundle of reactionary statements that don’t mean much to quickly getting to the root of the problem and offering clear solutions. Start by making a mental outline and breaking your response down into short statements that layout one, easy-to-do step at a time.

2. Keep Emails Short: If you cannot convey an idea in at most five sentences, maybe the subject needs to be broken down into several emails. We all tend to respond better to bite sized pieces of information that we can act on or respond to quickly. When you can, break larger projects down into smaller tasks. Once you make this a pattern, you will see more productivity from yourself, your team, and your clients.

3.  Set Realistic Goals and Deadlines: This may seem unrelated to communication. But setting goals and deadlines that are reasonable will help you with tips 1 and 2. It can help to start your week off by not only setting up your calendar, but also thinking strategically about who you will need to contact for each appointment or task. Then, you can go ahead and draft a few emails with action items and deadlines that are clear and that can be done readily.

Now, you are off to a great start with improving the way you communicate to do it faster and with better overall results in getting things done effectively.

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