Week 14 // RFVA Tip: 5 Quick Fixes for a Better Work Week


Some of your best untapped tools have the dual role of helping you help yourself.

These five tips have made a huge difference for me and are really quite easy to do.

1. Plan out your entire week Sunday night. Use your calendar as your greatest ally and add tasks, things to remember, shopping lists, everything.

2. Color code your closet.  Sound too OCD? You will be amazed at how quickly you can knock this out.  Your efforts will reward you continually, as you will come up with all kinds of new combinations for your wardrobe. Everyone will think you’ve been shopping.

3. Clean out and organize your trunk. Got too much junk in your trunk? You are not alone. With a little TLC, your trunk can be an extension of your office as it offers plenty of space that can be organized to help you be more productive on the go.  Get a small plastic tub with a latching top and keep your most important go-to files and other supplies, such as an extra power cord, there.

4. Pick a day each week to purge files. If you could save money like you save papers, you would be super rich. For most of us, this is true but just taking a little time each week to get rid of or make a digital record of paperwork get us well on the way to staying organized.

5. Prepare a few lunches ahead on Sunday. Chop up a couple of salads and put together a few of your favorite sandwiches. Set them up in the front of your fridge to make them easy to grab and go. Put a few sets of utensils, napkins, and packets of condiments in your lunch bag to pull from throughout the week.

Even if you can only work in just a couple of these work week habits, you will see a nice payoff for your efforts. Are there any other things you’ve been doing that make a huge difference for you? Please post your comments.

Much success to you,



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