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Infographic: Secrets of A Killer Blog Post

Secrets of A Killer Blog Post

By WhoIsHostingThis.com: “You already know that well-researched, high-quality content is the backbone of a killer blog post. But don’t underestimate the importance of a strong visual component when you’re composing your latest and greatest update for your audience.”



What Happens When We Don’t Make Excuses


So, I was reading one blog entry which led to reading another blog site’s entry which led to this really nice discovery. On her website http://www.mariakang.com, fitness-success-story, Maria, made a statement that spoke to me, mainly because I’m putting it to work in my life right now: “You can become your physical best – as long as you set goals, plan your attack, execute, reflect and repeat.”  Really, this statement holds true for any “best” we want to be– best friend, best co-worker, best boss, you name it. A well-lived life is one not free of obstacles, but free of excuses that keep us from tackling them head-on with success time and time again.

– Robyn Foster, Virtual Assistant